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Guided pigeon shooting and shotgun coaching in the Warwickshire countryside tailored to suit your needs.

Pigeon shooting is my passion and my aim is to provide the best guided pigeon shooting days that I can(something I would expect if I was paying).From beginners to more seasoned shooters I will share my knowledge and experience in the art of decoying ,hidebuilding,fieldcraft and pigeon behaviour(you never stop learning).I have built a great relationship with my farmers controlling their pigeon problems and protecting their crop,please remember although this is extremely challenging and enjoyable we still have a job to do.To offer the best service possible I am limiting to four people per day so I can stay with you throughout the day moving you if necessary or moving birds off other fields and also respecting the farmers land(its their back garden was how one described it to me).I am a fully qualified BASC shotgun coach and safety officer and will be happy to help with your shooting skills as well.

I offer two packages:

Package A: Intermediate(Part Guided)Package B: Fully Guided
You provide all your own equipment and have some experience and I will guide you throughout the day sharing all my knowledge. Equipment can be provided. For novice/beginners I will provide all equipment and help you construct a hide,decoy pattern and share all my knowledge while guiding you throughout the day.
Cost: £150 per person. Cost: £225 per person.

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All clients will need to have a current SGC and own insurance(please bring proof of both)you will need to bring guns,cartridges and suitable clothing.

Please remember the woodpigeon is a wild bird and I can't guarantee big bags, my service is providing reconnaissance, land and knowledge.

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Shotgun Coaching

I am a fully qualified BASC shotgun coach and can offer coaching from beginners to seasoned game and clay shooters. I am also available for on the peg coaching and loading for guns on driven shoots.

Pest Control

I can personally offer pest and vermin control to farmers with pigeon, crow and all agricultural problems etc and for all other pest control I work closely with a local pest control company.

Rugby Pest Control

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Shooting bolting rabbits

Crow control days

Duck and goose flights

Rough shooting days

Flying Pigeon - photo
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